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Xiaomi Launches an 80W Wireless Charger

Xiaomi revealed its next launch of new devices. The company has planned to launch the Mi 11 Ultra, the Mi 11 Lite series, the Mi 11i, and the Mi Band 6. The company has revealed a device that’s exclusively available in China, the Mi 11 Pro. This version is similar to the Mi 11 Ultra but the only difference is the price.

During the launch of the Mi 11 Pro, though, Xiaomi explained about the new wireless charging accessories. One of them is an absurdly fast 80W wireless charging stand while the other one is the Apple AirPower clone.

Mi Wireless Charging Stand Set is a  wireless charging accessory promising up to 80W speeds. Xiaomi’s fastest wireless charging products, currently works with the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra, support up to 67W wireless charging. The accessory will be a bit future-proofed.

Xiaomi said that the Mi Wireless Charging Stand Set has a curved air duct for high-efficiency heat dissipation. It also has a double-coil design to allow for both horizontal and vertical use. There’s even a dedicated key to turn on a faster charging mode that speeds up charging up to 15%. The 80W wireless charger costs $76. It comes with a 120W power brick in the box. Xiaomi is also selling an environmentally friendly version that doesn’t come with a charger in the box. The company also sells a Special Edition bundle that adds ¥199 on top of the Mi 11 Pro.

The company’s multi-coil wireless fast charging pad, which is an AirPower clone. AirPower is an Apple-made wireless charging mat that can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. This device involves 19 charging coils and a motor that can silently move coils to begin inductively charging your device. It can wirelessly charge 3 devices simultaneously at up to 20W speed each, totaling 60W of power.

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