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Will Artemis 1 launch in October ?

Read why NASA thinks there is only a small chance of launching the moon rocket in October as well. NASA had rolled back the $4 billion Artemis 1 moon rocket after weather warnings. The ultimatum of Hurricane Ian had already delayed the launch of Artemis 1 to upcoming weeks, probably in October now. The managers of the rocket rolled back the SLS rocket inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center.

The collective decision to roll back the rocket inside was taken by the managers of the rocket itself, considering the weather warning related to the hurricane. NASA claims that this would give them the time to recharge batteries, check the flight termination arrangement as well as other activities that won’t be possible after the launch.

Considering the weather conditions caused due to Hurricane Ian, NASA reports there is only a small chance of launching the Artemis 1 moon rocket into space in October as well. Although NASA claims that the SLS rocket can handle storms of upto 85 mph, the weather forecasts are claiming the tornadoes of Hurricane Ian would be much stronger than any other hurricanes in the history.

Since the Artemis 1 moon rocket is going to orbit around Earth’s moon, there are certain launch windows the scientists have to stick to. The dates determined according to these launch windows are 17th to 31st October, 12th to 27th November, and 9th to 23rd December. These are the days when the moon and earth will be in a certain position planned according to this moon mission. Artemis 1 rocket will be uncrewed this time. But if this mission is successful, Artemis II will be crewed and take the astronomers for the orbit in 2024 and Artemis III will bring back the crew in 2025.

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