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Voice technology offers new opportunities for remote healthcare

The vibrant domain of Voice technology is influencing healthcare sector with numerous use cases, as technologies such as natural language processing enable computers to get what humans can say- by enabling computers to answer back.

In a Digital Discussion at HIMSS21 between Teri Fisher and David Metcalf, Fisher pointed out that Voice enables providers to multitask and is also omnipresent and efficient.Fisher said that we all are at a pretty interesting time for Voice technology and healthcare as the computing power- it is already very evident for all of us to witness radical changes in our healthcare journey.

Fisher and Metcalf highlighted on the developments in the capability for Voice technology is helping telehealth advances, keeping in mind combination of modalities – between voice, text and chatbots- will offer patients with the correct apparatus for the accurate time in the accurate place.Metcalf said, Voice technology and Wearables is another great discovery with remarkable developments coming our way, like the power to listen vocal intonations or get the primary signs of Alzheimer’s.

Fisher pointed out that the growth of Voice technology will also help patients in tracing the UI of personal health devices and remote monitoring devices.While pointing to voice enabled devices like Google mini, he said that the incorporation of these technologies in the fit houses of the future is something that we all should look forward to.He further explained these technologies may be used in the house to encourage healthy habits and given that these devices are quite affordable as well.

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