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US Judge Upholds Vaccination Necessity for People having Strong Immune Response

US Judge upheld vaccination necessity for the people having strong immune response. The US Judge passed the judgement in response to a professor who has challenged the court that people who have developed immunity due to prior covid-19 infection do not need to take vaccine.

The first ruling passed by the judge was to protect the public health by mandating vaccination. The judge ruled that no person with natural immunity should exempt from taking the vaccine shots. The judge also warned that warned about the possible implications of not getting the shots.

Until now, more than 43 million people in America have been infected by the virus across various states. The vaccination rates have been increased have been increased by many oppose the mandatory rules made by the US federal government made for vaccination. The opponents have argued that there is no need of vaccination for the people who have natural immunity. The opponents believe that the infection and post recovery immunity negates the need for an inoculation.

The US which was grappled by surge in covid-19 cases due to delta variant is now seeing downward growth rate in positive cases and hoped to see improved situation in the coming days. According to the data released by CDC, over 55.5% is fully vaccinated. Health experts say that even some proportion of infected people get build natural immunity to the virus, it is necessary for such people take vaccination.

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