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U.S.South Korea Combine Efforts to Enhance Space Security

South Korea air force is expected to collaborate with the U.S. Space Force in order to expand cooperation on the outer space security. The U.S. Space Force is spearheading joint military drills which will see South Korea collaborative efforts. The aim of the joint initiative is to boost the United States’ defense capabilities in outer space.

It is just a small part of a much broader agreement that has been signed upon during a bilateral meeting. The agreement was discussed among the two generals, Park In-ho, and John W. Raymond. Gen. Park In-ho represented the Republic of Korea (ROK) serving as the Air Force chief of staff. Meanwhile Gen John W. Raymond represented the U.S. Space Force who currently serves as the chief of space operations as the Peterson Base in Colorado.

The agreement states that the two participants of the agreement will establish a joint consultative body. The body will provide consultation service associated with space policies, information on space surveillance. It will also accomplish improving, and strengthening joint space operation capabilities for instance, missile defense.

The consultative body set-up by the two parties will routinely conduct meetings the Air Force, and Space Force of South Korea, and the U.S. respectively.The meeting will primarily address the mechanism of space policy to actively pursue technical cooperation, conduct personnel, and exchange information, as per the ROK Air Force. Park has also held meetings with Gen James Dickinson who serves as the commander of U.S. Space Command.

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