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The U.S States make iPhone Featured Driver’s Licences Permissible

Americans will be experiencing a new form of ID proof, particularly iPhone users. Across eight U.S. States, iPhone users will no longer have to carry their documents such as the driver’s license. They can store IDs in the Wallet app and will be accepted at checkpoints.

Certain privacy concerns associated with handing over phones to security officials surfaced.However, Apple addressed these concerns suggesting that the users will not be asked to submit their phones for the system to work at airport security. Despite the clarification, it remains unclear as to how the system will work for other instances where ID proofs are required. For instance, when a driver is stopped by police or security.

Georgia and Arizona will be the first of the eight U.S. states to introduce the system. This will gradually be followed by other states, including Iowa, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. The first locations to make the system effective will be airport security checkpoints within the states that are operated by the Transportation Security Administration, said Apple.

When traveling domestically, Americans are usually only asked for a state ID, unlike other countries that mandate passports even in domestic travel.Users will not be bothered by asking to unlock their phones at security checkpoints. They simply have to tap the phone at an identity reader, which will enable passengers to use their Face ID or fingerprint for authorization. Apple clarified that such as system will eliminate the concerns generating from risking privacy by handing over smartphones.

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