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The Endangered and Rare Florida Panthers Spotted

The endangered Florida Panthers can never be seen in the wild by most Floridians. The scarce and endangered big cats were seen only in zoos. Many people in Florida don’t realize it, but the endangered Florida Panther is a distinct subspecies that is entirely different from the Mountain Lion. People think that it is just a fancy name given to cougars.

Currently, only 120-130 Florida Panthers are estimated to be left in the wild. Seeing even one of these would be considered as an encounter of a lifetime. However, how would running into four of them playing together feel? If there weren’t proof, then none of us would believe this to be true.

Ezra Van leaves Miami once a week and heads to the Florida Everglades to click wildlife pictures as a hobby. With the abundance of wildlife, it is a pretty common hobby around Florida. Every wildlife photographer on the planet will be seething with jealousy after knowing Ezra’s recent encounter. Karen Graham from the Digital Journal reported, “I physically was shaking! I was so excited,” Ezra Van recalls in an interview with WFOR-TV in Miami.”

In January, Ezra saw something he had never seen before at Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. He found a Florida Panther hanging out with a Vulture as he was getting ready to leave. He says that he immediately started taking pictures when another panther walked up. They both started playing around when another one joined the party. Soon the fourth panther also walks up, and they all start toying around is what Ezra claims to have witnessed with his naked eyes.

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