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Tesla Model S Plaid Price Increased Ahead of First Deliveries

Tesla has raised the price of its all-new Model S Plaid by $10,000 just one day before its first deliveries, which will take place later tonight. Although the new Model S has yet to be delivered, it already has a complicated backstory. It was initially planned to be a new tri-motor Model S with Tesla’s new structural battery pack, which would be powered by the new 4680 battery cell.

When Tesla debuted the redesigned Model S with a new interior in January, the Model S Plaid+ became a tri-motor version of the electric sedan with a shorter range, while the became a tri-motor version of the electric sedan with a lengthier range. Tesla canceled the Model S Plaid+ earlier last week, further complicating matters.

Tesla has hiked the price of the by $10,000 just one day before deliveries begin. It now starts at $129,990 before options or EV subsidies, bringing it closer to the Model S Plaid+ before it was canceled in terms of price.Tesla is conducting a delivery event at its Fremont factory tonight at 7 pm PT to announce the new price (10 pm ET). Tesla hasn’t explained the price hike, but the carmaker has been raising prices across the board in recent months. Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, recently stated that it is due to “industry-wide substantial supply chain price pressure.”

Tesla upped the Model Y Long Range price by $500 in addition to the Model S Plaid price hike. Tesla has hiked the costs of most Model 3 and Model Y models by $500 every few weeks over the last few months. The carmaker hasn’t updated any Model 3 variant pricing as of this writing, but the price hikes could continue.

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