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SpaceX Sends a New Shipment to Space Station

SpaceX has sent a shipment consisting of ants, avocados, and a robotic arm towards its final destination at the International Space Station. The shipment was launched on Sunday, and is due to reach on Monday. This reports SpaceX 23rd delivery for NASA within a span of a decade.

NASA set off the blast of a Falcon rocket from its Kennedy Space Center. The Dragon capsule was hoisted onto the first-stage booster which landed upright on SpaceX Ocean platform. The newest platform is now known as “A Shortfall of Gravitas”. The Dragon capsule is carrying a load of 4,800 pounds or 2,170 kilograms of supplies, and experiments. The vessel is also fresh food to the seven astronauts inhabiting in the space station. SpaceX is sending avocados, batches of lemons, and even ice cream.

As a part of the shipment the Girl Scouts are providing ants, brine shrimps, and other plants for experiments as test subjects. The scientists from University of Wisconsin-Madison are sending seeds from mouse-ear cress along with a small weed sample of a flowering plant used in genetic research.

The robotic arm SpaceX has launched belongs to a Japanese technology start-up. The robot will be tested for performing mundane chores that are typically done by astronauts. Initial performance tests associated with screwing items together in orbital debut will be conducted inside space station.Gitai Inc’s robot has future capabilities of practicing satellite, and performing repair functions, according to the chief technology officer Toyotaka Kozuki.

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