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Scientists Develop New Technique to Fight Covid 19

According to a new study, scientists have recently created a vaccination that could prevent pandemics caused by diseases that emerge in animals. The vaccination successfully stopped five different varieties of coronaviruses in their tracks in tests, including Covid 19.

Covid 19 has already taken the lives of around five million people around the world. Viruses that move from animals to humans are becoming more widespread, according to health officials. Bird flu, swine flu, and Ebola, which originated in monkeys, have all been recent health disasters. Meanwhile, camels have been linked to MERS, a coronavirus subtype. Human outbreaks are usually caused by the exploitation of wildlife, such as intensive battery farming and the sale of meat for food.

Professor Tomohiro Kurosaki of Osaka University said that given that prior coronavirus epidemics such as SARS-Covid 19 and MERS-CoV have occurred due to zoonotic coronaviruses crossing the species barrier. The potential for the emergence of similar viruses in the future poses a significant threat to global public health, even in the face of effective vaccines for current viruses.

One of the theories surrounding Covid 19 is that it began in bats and leapt to another animal before reaching humans. It enters human cells by using its spike protein to bind to the ACE2 cell surface receptor. The study finds this virus consists of two parts: a core that is very similar in all coronaviruses and a more specialized core.

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