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Qantas Supermoon Flight Sells Out With a Record Rapid Trade

Qantas Supermoon Flight will give you the temptations like never before. After days of innovation in revamping its strategies, Qantas is offering a flight to nowhere that will give the travel starved Australian residents once in a lifetime opportunity to endeavor the late May Supermoon. Further enticing the senses, Qantas Supermoon Flight will release you scintillating visuals of the lunar eclipse from 40,000 feet in the sky.

If you were hoping to snap tickets, your luck gets the better of you. Qantas Supermoon Flight tickets have been sold out in record rapid time and it is considered to be one of the fastest trade-offs. The time calculated by the company was precisely estimated around 2.5 minutes.

The Supermoon Flight is the latest in the series of the expedition and operational flights launched by Qantas. It takes the travelers for a joy ride before dropping them off at their confined destinations. Tickets of the Supermoon Flight had to endeavor pricy costs as it was enriching an experience like never before. It started at $386, while the business class tickets were up for grabs at a humongous $1,160(US Dollars).

The travel restrictions have imposed a lackluster precinct within the world, and the flight to nowhere has emerged explicitly in a way that it will pick you up, drive you along the bay, and disembark at the same location from where it picked off. The flight promises to revolve around in search of some spectacular views of the lunar eclipse.

 Dr. Vanessa Moss will be the centrifugal force in deploying an optimized flight over the Pacific Ocean. He will be onboard one of NASA’s missions, which the agency calls a “super blood moon eclipse”. Qantas has not decided on a specific name for the exceptional launch but the company’s representatives suggest that they are working on intricate details.

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