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President Biden Continues to Wear Mask after Being Completely Vaccinated

Since January, President Biden has been fully vaccinated for coronavirus. In public situations, he still wears two masks. Experts offered several explanations providing examples to others about the risks the virus still poses despite full inoculation. One of the experts also referred to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recently released guidelines. It is said that people need to note that the shot does not equate to a free pass to resume everyday life.

Dr. Henry F. Raymond, associate professor from Rutgers School of Public Health, told Fox News, “As the vaccinated person, it’s not just about you. It’s also about the people you may encounter. The vaccine is not making you immune to becoming infected, the vaccine is mitigating the effect of that infection and hopefully in most cases reducing your risk of developing COVID-19, which is the disease.”

Henry also said that there is not enough data about the vaccine’s impact on the transmission of Covid-19 as of yet. Even if you do not become ill of the Covid-19, there are chances of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus and pass it to other vulnerable people. However, optics may also come into play when a fully vaccinated leading official opts to wear two instead of one mask.

It is possible that officials are not fully confident in the protection offered by the vaccine. There can be various reasons for this. It could be personal reasons, a low threshold for risk of infection, etc. According to CDC, President Biden, at 78, is considered to be at greater risk of Covid-19 related complications.

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