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Pepsi and Peps Joined to Create New flavor

Pepsi has partnered with the marshmallow brand to launch the limited edition PEPSI x PEEPS beverage. The new peeps soda is only available through sweepstakes. The new cola has mixes of tastes of a Pepsi with the pillowy soft and sweet marshmallow flavor.

This is the first time Pepsi is using the marshmallow in its cola. The company offers users different flavors to excite the consumers. Last winter the company released hot chocolate and apple pie flavored Pepsi drinks to celebrate the holidays.

Consumers can be disappointed because they can’t buy the new flavor. The company is giving away.3,000 packages through its #HangingWithMyPEEPS contest. Each winner must use the hashtag and tag Pepsi on Instagram and Twitter showing their spring celebrations and will receive a package containing three 7.5-ounce mini-cans in bright yellow, pink and blue colors.

The beverage company approached Peeps and discussed the new flavor for springs Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing of Pepsi, told that this combination could offer pleasure at the moment after the thought year. He also added that taste is very important to the customers. The sweet taste could help them connect to things emotionally.

Peeps have been the No. 1 non-chocolate candy brand sold around Eater for more than 20 years, according to owner Just Born Quality Confections. About 2 billion Peeps are produced annually. He also added that the company could sell it commercially if the product has demand. Currently, the company is using the strategy called drop culture which is used by other companies like sneakers and McDonalds.

Pepsi stock was up 0.7% to $135.46 in premarket trading. The shares are up 27.9% in the past 12 months. By contrast, Coke is up 35.3% in the past year and has lost a smaller 7.3% year to date.

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