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New Set of Malware-Filled Android Apps Found

Once again, a handful of Malware-filled Android apps were removed from the Google Play Store. These apps were misusing the latest trend of malware design. Apps were masquerading as innocent clones of useful apps to escape the initial detection by Google. Once people started downloading these apps and using them, they began to turn into crappy malware.

However, the good news here is that the apps in question did not seem to have many downloads. Rather than millions, thousands or so were the odds of being downloaded. There is also a chance that not many people even heard of these apps. Whoever was responsible for the attack set them all up under different developers. Hence, there is no similarity in these apps.

Apart from the Malware-filled Android app names, the only other unifying characteristic that the attacker used was the same developer email for each – – and all the apps were also linked to the same privacy page online. While it is difficult to check the name of the app’s developer directly from your smartphone, you can tap through to check if the app exists on Google Play Store.

Even though the odds are low, if you had downloaded any of these shady apps on your device, it is recommended that you run a malware scan on your device. The Malwarebytes app gives an excellent free scan. While you do this, also change all the passwords to all your financial-related apps installed on the phone. If the Malwarebytes app does not find anything wrong, all you can do is hope for the best.

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