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NASA’s telescope is Back in Space After being Offline

As per the trusted sources of information, the Hubble Space telescope has come back and NASA shared pictures which can prove it.

The Hubble telescope went offline on 13th June in the year and stayed offline for over a month. During this time, the engineers and researchers on the project tried hard to identify the mysterious glitch that has occurred which made the telescope go offline. However, the agency could not still declare what had caused the problem in the telescope, but they managed to bring it back online by activating some of the hardware that was kept for backup in the telescope.

Thomas Zurbuchen, an Associate Administrator at NASA stated that he was quite worried about the glitch. He further added that the company was aware that this project is a lot riskier than the others that have been already accomplished.Slowly, the other systems in the telescope were powered up over the weekend and the company conducted checkouts to make sure that everything is still working in it. Then it managed to take a few images of the telescope.

The telescope focused its lens on the set of unusual galaxies on Saturday. One of the few images taken shows that they two galaxies in the Space are colliding. The other image showed spiral galaxy with long and extended arms.Bill Nelson, the Administrator at NASA stated that they are thrilled to see that the telescope has his eye back on the Space which is helping to capture the images that have been inspiring everyone for several years.

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