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NASA Fixing the Hubble Space Telescope

The iconic Hubble Space Telescope is not operational at this point in time. However, NASA reminds the fans that all the scientific instruments and the spacecraft itself are working perfectly. The problem is that the ’80s era computer is responsible for the space craft processes and has come across a serious problem that has ultimately prohibited it from leaving the safe mode.

NASA continued to identify the problem with the cargo computer and proclaimed that it had completed another series of tests on June 23rd and 24th.

Unfortunately for NASA, engineers have used many combinations of hardware pieces from both the primary and backup cargo computers during the testing. All have experienced the same kind of error. Any facility that tells the Hubble to write into or read from memory is not finished up successfully. NASA says that it is not likely that all of the individual mechanisms of the payload computer will have the same kind of problem, and the team is examining other hardware as a possible cause for the issues at this moment.

Engineers are now exploring the Command Unit or the Science Data Formatter, another module on the Science Instrument and Command and Data Handling unit. The team of NASA is also examining the power controller to see if the power supplied to the hardware is outside of the limitations. The team could ultimately acclaim the switching to the backup Command Unit or the Science Data Formatter to check if that eases the issues.

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