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Microsost Windows 10 Update Causing Blue Death Screen Issue

The March Windows 10 update seems to be causing the blue death screen to appear for some users. A report by Windows Latest shares several stories of people facing the issues since installing the latest update. Users encounter this issue when they try to print something, although it only affects some printing situations.

A person told Windows Latest, “This update seems to be causing blue screens when printing to Kyocera Universal Print drivers. Have had at least 20 confirmed cases from 4 different clients already, and it’s only been an hour into the day,” a person told Windows Latest.” Kyocera printers were also mentioned in a thread of a Reddit post. Even updating to a newer Kyocera driver did not work.

Apart from those using the Kyocera printers, people have seen this blue death screen using other types of printers like Ricoh, Zebra, etc. Along with this issue, there are several other issues. Nonetheless, the extent of these issues is unknown.

The issue occurs to many people carrying out everyday tasks or printing anything. People experienced this problem while attempting to print from Office, Notepad, and other applications as well. Unless the PCs are trying to print to one of the affected printers, they do not see the blue death screen.

The best possible solution for this problem was uninstalling the Windows 10 KB5000802. Many people in the Reddit thread said that they uninstalled the updates to work around the issue. This can be a temporary fix, however, the update also has several important fixes and security updates. Hopefully, Microsoft gets to the bottom of the issue and finds the remedy soon.

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