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Merck Covid-19 Drug Under Scrutiny

FDA is likely to rule in the context of the Merck’s virus pill. The FDA will ask outside experts to scrutinise the drug. The agency will conduct a detailed study on the treatment safety and effectiveness of the virus pill. The experts will decide whether the drug should be approved. Although their decision will not be a deciding factor for the FDA on the drug approval it said to influence FDA’s decision. The virus pill, molnupiravir if approved can be taken at home to reduce the severity and symptoms of Covid-19.

FDA has authorised many drugs like three IV antibody drugs for treating Covid-19 but they are too much costly. The drugs are hard to produce and require special equipment and health professionals to deliver the drugs. But if FDA approves Merck’s drug people can administer it themselves at home for treating Covid-19 symptoms and severity.

The drug costs $17.74 for development but Merck’s is planning to charge $712 for the Covid-19 drug. The development of this drug is subsidized by American government. The higher drug prices has highlighted some key facts that have gone unmentioned in legislative assembly debate over whether the Medicare can negotiate the drug price and demand for lesser price.

The Americans are facing expensive healthcare costs or pharmaceuticals. According to Americans, they are paying way higher prices for drugs than what people in other countries pay. This is boosting the revenue of such pharmaceutical companies but is putting a toll on the people.

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