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Los Angeles County’s Coronavirus Cases Drops

The health officials of Los Angeles County’s on Sunday recorded 546 new cases of the coronavirus and 10 related deaths indicating the decrease in the viral transmission. They also said that the numbers are undercounted because there are delays on weekends. The health officials are also happy because of the drop in coronavirus cases.There were 470 patients in Los Angeles County’s hospitals as of Saturday, a drop of nearly 28% from two weeks before when there were 647. There were 1,799 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, a decline of about 22% from two weeks before.

California has also observed a slowing in the average number of deaths being reported daily. In recent days, California has reported an average of 105 to 120 COVID-19 deaths a day which is the lowest such number reported. As of late January, California has recorded as many as 562 deaths a day, on average, over seven days.On Saturday, the COVID-19 death toll exceeded 60,000. The death toll represents roughly 10.7% of COVID-19 deaths nationwide. California is home to about 12% of Americans.

The pandemic’s effect statewide has varied by region. The county is the most populous region in California which fared the worst. For every 100,000 residents, Los Angeles County’s has recorded 232 deaths. If the County were a state, it would have the seventh-highest death rate.The county expects to receive about 323,000 doses of vaccine this week, a decrease of about 74,000 doses from last week due to reduced supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, public health officials said Sunday. 70% of the doses are slated for sites in vulnerable communities, and 57% are needed for second-dose appointments.

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