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LA County Updates Travel Advisory Regarding the Recent Tweaks

LA County health officials updated the travel advisory on Monday in response to the fresh guideline issued last week. An optimistic sign for the travelers as they can wander across the world without quarantine and testing, claims the reports. The synopsis around the health officials changed when updated guidance addressing the tweaks got issued by the US Centres for Disease Prevention and Control on Friday.

Under the new LA county rules, the people who are not fully vaccinated are forced to quarantine for seven days after they get negative results. It should happen within three to five days after arriving in the country. If they opt out of testing, then a quarantine of ten full days is a mandate for every citizen to follow.“You do not need to get tested or self-quarantine if you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months,” CDC officials said. “You should still follow all other travel recommendations.”

The guidance further states that the fully vaccinated are at low risk of transmitting the virus or recurring symptoms of Covid-19. A huge sigh of relief for the elder people who stay far away in the native places away from their families. In the present scenario, the fully vaccinated grandparents could visit their home kids without getting tested for Covid-19.

The CDC and LA County Officials, both advise the travelers to wear masks on public transportation and also urge other co-members to avail full precautionary measures. People who are not fully vaccinated are still recommended not to travel, “as it can increase the chance of getting contracted or transmitting the virus.”On Monday, LA County witnessed one death and around 366 additional cases. The reported cases are low trends following the lags from the weekend.

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