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Google Chrome to Face Lawsuit due to its Incognito Browser

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, will soon be the source of a lawsuit for Google. A case from plaintiffs accused the Chrome Browser of tracking users even while they use incognito mode. A judge recently ruled that Google will face a lawsuit regarding this. A class-action lawsuit filed in the States alleges Chrome allows websites to collect personal user information.

As the Verge points out, the class action seeks damages of at least $5 billion from the company. On Friday, the US judge denied Alphabet’s motion to throw out the case. The judge ruled that Google did not notify its users that Google engages in the alleged data collection while browsing in private mode.

The Google Chrome incognito mode has never been designed to make the user invisible to the web. A spokesperson for Google said that they would indeed defend themselves in the lawsuit. He also added that each time the users open a new incognito tab, it is clearly stated that the websites might collect information about the browsing activity.

The Google Chrome incognito mode is only for users to browse the internet without allowing the browsing activity to be saved on the device natively. Chrome gives a clear warning for the users launching the new incognito window. Backing up Google’s response, it notifies that the incognito browser won’t save any of their information or data.

However, the data can still be visible to websites, ISP’s, and network managers such as employers, schools, etc. Every platform that supports the browser shows a notice for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

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