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Google Chrome Launches Protection for Incognito Mode

Incognito mode in Google Chrome is used when a user browses in this mode the search will not appear in the history. If the tabs are not closed anyone can still see it once they try to open a new tab in Incognito mode, defeating the purpose of the feature.

Google Chrome had rolled out support for locking Incognito tabs for iPhone and iPad users in June earlier this year with Chrome 92 for iOS. However, this support still hasn’t come to iPhone users yet as it appears to be a server-side update. Google has been spotted doing the same for Android users as well.

The traces of the addition of a lock on Incognito tabs has been spotted in Chrome Canary 94. Android users will also soon be able to add similar locks for their Incognito tabs. To unlock it, users should be able to make use of a PIN or biometric scan. The feature has been spotted in the chrome: flags under Enable device re-authentication for Incognito. But since the feature is already available for iOS users of the Chrome app, the same support for Android users was also expected.

The update also gives the Google Chrome experience a fresh look by bringing a new Discover design on the New Tab Page, as well as a revamp to the designs of the Settings, History, and Bookmarks pages. To prevent accidentally closing all tabs, Chrome will now ask for confirmation when users click on the command on the Tab Switcher, from which individual tabs can be shared, bookmarked, and added to a reading list.

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