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Gene Editing Potential Way to Escape from Mosquitoes

A recent study publishes unique findings showing possibilities of somehow making disease spreading Mosquitoes blind to humans. During the study, researchers applied gee-editing technology to get rid of the’ ability to see potential host. The examined during the study belong to Aedes aegypti class of Mosquitoes that are typically found in tropical, and subtropical regions.

They are also commonly referred as yellow fever Mosquitoes that are sometimes also found in few temperate regions.As per the published findings, Aedes aegypti females to satisfy their requirement of blood to lay eggs infect tens of millions of people each year. They transmit deadly disease-causing viruses such as Zika, and yellow fever.

These female Mosquitoes are able to sense humans from the carbon-dioxide exhaled, along with the organic cues human skin leaves behind, explained Craig Montell, one of the study authors.  Human stench is very prominent, and easily sensed by female attracting them towards their host. A very old study published more than 80 years ago found that Aedes aegypti gravitated instantly towards people wearing darker clothes.

Montell, and his research colleagues believed that if they applied the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing method it may have a bling effect on the Mosquitoes. The researchers had a hunch that they could eliminate one of the five list-sensing proteins in the’ eyes. This would ultimately help prevent Aedes aegypti from sensing dark colours. As a result, they won’t be able to target human hosts, and spread infections.

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