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Foods to feed your enterobacteria

Millions and billions of bacteria and viruses live inside your gut and you are feeding them all day. But are the Foods you are feeding appropriate enough? The groups of micro-organisms that make up your gut microbiome, which is also known as your gut microbiota, were previously very less understood by the world scientists.

However, a rising pile of evidence points to these giant communities of bacteria as one of the major keys to your health, wellness, and nutrition as one of the most straightforward and effective methods to shape and nourish them. Various studies have been conducted shows that the gut microbes present in our gut transform the Foods we eat into millions of hormones.

enzymes and vitamins that plays a very crucial role in affecting our immune system as well as our mental health too.You might be wondering how can gut microbiome affect our mental health? Well, they produce neurotransmitters like dopamine that are responsible for our mood swings. Dopamine controls our cognitive activities like having pleasure, motivation, learning, and releasing serotonin, which is commonly known as happiness hormones, sexual desires, increase or decrease of appetite in humans and so much more.

In fact, some studies suggests that gut microbiome has a major control over our sleeping patterns and problems like insomnia might happen due to poor gut microbiome feeding. One can improve the condition of their gut microbiota by feeding appropriate Foods, Foods which go well with a healthy lifestyle. Studies shows that the “good” micro-organisms feed on lots of fibre and variety of proteins and minerals. Eating variety of Foods rich in fibre could be well nutritious.

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