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Fireball Meteor Creates Massive Sonic Boom Over UK

Residents across many countries in England were rocked by the loud noise on Saturday. After examination meteorologists concluded that that noise was caused by a very rare meteor. The meteor is known as the daytime Fireball Meteor.  The sonic boom was heard in Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Jersey, following a streak of light in the sky.

The people first assumed the sound as the noise was from the fighter jets but the ministry of defense denied this comment. Many people have tweeted that they had witnessed a bright flash of light across the sky at the same time. Richard Kacerek, from the UK Meteor Observation Network of amateur astronomers, told the BBC said that the meteor was bolide and it is the largest and brightest type of Fireball meteor. This meteor must have been largely due to the appearance of the naked eye. On Feb. 28, another large fireball meteor lit up the night sky over the U.K. and was seen by a potentially record-breaking number of people

  According to the American Meteor Society, the Fireball meteor is a type of extremely bright meteor that emits light equal to or greater than that of Venus. Fireballs burn brightly because of their size and speed. Most fireballs come from parent asteroids that are at least 3.3 feet across. As the meteor hits Earth’s atmosphere, it slows down due to friction and heats up, releasing energy in the form of visible light. Sonic booms are normally an indicator that the meteor was large enough to land on Earth as a meteorite. Meteorites tell more about the solar system and give an in-depth understanding of the formation.

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