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Erectile Dysfunction Curable with Mediterranean Diet Say Experts

Consumption of a Mediterranean Diet can help to improve erectile dysfunction in men struggling with the condition. The new study revealed that erectile dysfunction happens because men with high blood pressure are twice as likely to suffer from the condition as those with normal blood pressure levels.

Experts from the University of Athens in Greece tried to find out whether treating blood pressure through a change in diet also helped treat erectile dysfunction; they conducted a trial that included 250 middle-aged men on and monitored their health. The researchers found that men who most closely followed the Mediterranean Diet had better blood flow, higher testosterone levels, and better erectile performance.

The Greek team explored the benefits gained from eating different levels of a Mediterranean Diet on erectile dysfunction, as well as heart disease and blood pressure levels. The study has shown that exercise levels could improve survival in men with high blood pressure, and eating a could both lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks in at-risk men. This particular diet emphasizes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and olive oil, modest consumption of dairy products, and limiting red meat. The researchers examined whether dietary habits were linked with fitness, testosterone levels, blood flow, arterial stiffness, and erectile performance.

The study included 250 men with an average age of 56, all of whom had high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Consumption of the Mediterranean Diet was assessed by questionnaires, with volunteers self-reporting how closely they were following the diet.Participants received a score of zero to 55, with higher values indicating greater adherence to the diet. The researchers monitored the exercise capacity with a treadmill test, and testosterone was measured in blood samples taken before 09:00 in the morning every day.

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