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Employee Backlash Costs Antonio Garcia Martinez his Job, Claims Apple

Apple has reportedly fired Antonio Garcia Martinez after he allegedly pursued Employee Backlash over sexist comments that he made in his book Chaos Monkeys. Within a short span of time, the Employee Backlash has cost the newly recruited engineer his dream job, the company confirmed in a statement given to Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Before the precedential firing, Apple employees deployed in circulating a petition that called for an investigation into Garcia Martinez’s hiring. His hiring was heavily castigated and eventually fell in the pecking order after suffering an Employee Backlash.

“At Apple, we have always strived to create an inclusive, contentious workplace where everyone is recognized and accepted as equal. Behaviour that demeans or demonstrates racism or any kind of harassment against people has no place in our offices,” Apple said in a statement to the news outlets.

Their petition was secluded to Eddy Cue, the Apple employees of the company’s policies that form the recruitment system. The incident had happened several times, but Antonio Garcia’s hiring was disregarded comprehensively. The questions have mobbed up several levels including hiring panels, background checks, and the process should be competent enough to withstand the outrage or explicit adroitness of the individual not adhering to the company’s values.

Specifically, employees raged at war with the company’s representatives about Antonio Garcia’s appointment as he had a condemning overview of women and people of another color. Such values should not be consolidated within any organization. The evidence was made clear through its book Chaos monkey, in which one passage that got circulated on Twitter, called women in the Bay area soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite depicting the glimpses of worldliness. It was full of shit and included terms like racism, and black guys, which is totally not acceptable within the legislations and the society.

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