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Elon Musk to no longer attend Earning calls

As per the trusted sources of information, CEO and founder at Tesla, Elon Musk stated that he won’t be doing regular appearances anymore on the earnings calls and mentions that its investors should be thankful for it.

Musk stated on Monday that while he was detailing Tesla’s first quarter with over USD 1 billion in profit, he would not participate in such conference calls anymore unless there is something very important that he has to state in these conferences. He stated this news while answering a question from the internet on his will to be interviewed by the YouTube channels that are majorly focusing on Tesla, after taking the questions regarding the Wall Street.

Earlier, the important things that Musk had to mention in the earnings calls were describing the health restrictions on the public amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which he calls as facist and calls a Wall Street analyst as boneheaded in a rant. He further mentioned that he was not looking for his highly valued company to be this profitable. These are the type of statements said by the Elon Musk which cannot be missed by any investor.

Tesla had begun to sell the completely self driving packages for thousands of dollars around five years ago. The company made sure to give all the updates over the internet along with still offering the capabilities that will stop well short of the names. Musk said on Monday that the company needs to make complete self driving work to offer a compelling value proposition.

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