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Earth is Secure from Notorious Asteroid Apophis for the Next 100 Years

Asteroid Apophis deems to be one of the scariest rocks in the solar system. Although, it won’t be threatful to the Earth for nearly a century from now, according to the updated NASA calculations. Every  80,000 years or so, an object computing about three football fields in length smashes into the Earth. The discovery of the Asteroid Apophis in 2004 freaked a lot of people out due to its heavy mechanism. It could be remarked as the 80,000 years or so event that incurs once in a lifetime.

A hit from Apophis wouldn’t be Chicxulub bad—the 10-mile-wide (16-kilometer) asteroid that wiped out most life on the planet some 66 million years ago. Even though the Asteroid Apophis won’t be destructive, it would inflict catastrophic levels of local damage and trigger a global-scale impactful season. The destruction levels that were predicted back in 2004 did not have a severe impact, and we all now can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The latest estimations by NASA suggest that it won’t pose threat to the Earth for the time being. A recent expedition of the Apophis, in which the asteroid came to within  44 times the distance of the Earth to the moon, is recorded to be the closest it has ever been to any planet in the solar system.  “A 2068 impact is not in the realm of possibility anymore, and our calculations don’t show any impact risk for at least the next 100 years,” Davide Farnocchia of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies explained in the space agency’s revelation.

Conclusively after the final results, NASA has manifested the Asteroid from its troublesome list, otherwise known as the Sentry Impact Risk Table. The new calculations by CNEOS, a subsidiary of NASA have helped in evading the Apophis from the danger diegesis.

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