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Domestic Travel Safe for Vaccinated People, Joe Biden Doing it Too

Despite the CDC constantly pursuing the dilemma of not traveling domestically, Joe Biden is fully vaccinated and is darting around the country.  President Joe Biden continues to dart as he takes a victory lap around the US amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Contrastingly, leading independent health experts affirmed against the CDC guidelines when they saw Joe Biden wandering around the town. They claimed that along with him others who have completed vaccination should be allowed to travel at least domestically.  The CDC through various interviews has advised not to travel to any public places despite inoculation of the vaccines.

President Joe Biden toured parts of Pennsylvania, and commencing from Friday, he’ll be the part of White House’s “Help is Here,” tour touting the Covid-19 relief money. He’ll be in Georgia to enrich large chunks of $1,400 stimulus checks to the qualifying Americans.

“CDC recommends that you do not travel at this time,” the agency’s website has read for months now. “Travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19.”

Surprisingly, The president of the United States is not following the recommendations of his own Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. How come we expect the public to be the leading example if the leaders themselves are not following the guidelines? CDC has rigorously mentioned that once the majority of the patients get vaccinated, it will reopen the nationwide travel once again.

In a withstanding battle of words, many independent leading public health experts say that what Biden is doing is perfectly within the laws, and the CDC is being too cautious with its guidance for vaccinated people. Dr. Carlos Del Rio, a distinguished professor of medicine at Emory University is recommending behavioral guidelines while the CDC gives no response to the comments from these experts.

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