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Diet Soda Increase Hunger and Weight

The term diet in the Diet Soda is a fake promise by the company. They deliver the fizz and taste of a soda experience, without the calories. The study was published in JAMA Network Open.

The study shows proof that drinks made with sucralose may stimulate the appetite, at least among few people. The study also gives some clues as to why. Katie Page, a physician specializing in obesity at the University of Southern California and study author says that they found that females and people with obesity had greater brain reward activity after consuming the artificial sweetener.

The page also added that they think what was most surprising was the impact of body weight and biological sex. They were very important factors in the way that the brain responded to artificial sweetener. The study notes that most earlier research focused on males and people of normal weight. The study shows that diet drinks sweetened with sucralose could be disadvantageous to the people who could benefit most from an effective diet strategy.

Page and her team measured the response to Diet Soda in three ways. They used functional MRI brain images of the 74 study participants to document the activation of parts of the brain linked to appetite and cravings. They used blood samples to measure blood sugar and metabolic hormones that can drive hunger. They also tracked how much participants ate at a buffet table that was open at the end of each study session.

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