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Dealmed the US distributor Raises Concerns of Medical Supply Shortage

Medical industry experts are worried about the Shortage of medical supplies facing the US medical supply chain. The industry experts are worried that the country could face another supply Shortage of the medical products.

Dealmed CEO, Michael Einhorn stated that there have been growing demand for the medical products related to the respiratory products, IT kits, gauzes, plastic products, and more.He noted that, the medical supplies began to pile up facing further Shortage of stock and failure in meeting immediate demands. The last month has seen tremendous rise in medical products, he said.

He pointed out the products that have seen the most Shortage of supplies including skin preparation items, different kinds of syringes, products required for sterilization, IT kits, and electrodes. He warned that many medical products supply  are due to the surge in Delta Variant and growing number of hospitalizations across the country.Hospitals that have postponed the operations at the height of the pandemic have also seen increased demand as they resume operations and prepare for the forthcoming flu season, he mentioned.

Additionally, FDA has warned of ongoing Shortage of PPE and testing materials required for Covid-19 tests. The FDA had listed medical product facing  of supply like ventilators, surgical masks, gloves, and more. Thus the distributor has raised concerns of backlogs and has warned that US may face similar situation like last year of medical supply in March and April 2020.

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