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Covid 19 After effects in Spotted in Many Survivors 

The new study conducted by Israel researchers found that 1 in 10 Israeli children experienced the after-effects of Covid 19 symptoms after recovering from their illnesses. The study used a phone survey to analyze the effects on children.

The researchers conducted a phone survey in May-June 2021. Nearly 13,834 parents of kids aged 3-18 who recovered from Covid 19 participated. The results of the study showed that 11.2% of the kids had faced symptoms after recovery. This data has dropped from 1.8% to 4.6% six months following acute illness, depending on the child’s age.

Another survey led by the Health Ministry-led survey found that older children are more vulnerable to experiencing long Covid 19. Nearly 1.8% of kids ages 3-6 saw lasting symptoms, whereas 4.6% of those ages 12-18 endured such effects. Participants aged 12-18 who experienced an asymptomatic course of  are vulnerable to develop long Covid 19, compared to those who had asymptomatic confirmed, at 5.6% versus 3.5%, respectively.

The study conducted by Israel didn’t disclose any other symptoms. The study also reported that based on the data collected, it is evident that the coronavirus has long-term effects not only on the adult population but also among children. The long-term morbidity rate means that there are thousands of children in Israel with long-term symptoms. The study shows that teens face a lot of mental issues during this pandemic.

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