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CDC is Monitoring People Prone to Monkeypox

According to the report the delta variant and other issues have the coronavirus gaining attention, U.S. health officials are also monitoring the signs of a possible outbreak of Monkeypox. Based on the initial report of a patient being treated for Monkeypox in Texas after arriving there from Nigeria earlier this month.

The CDC officials are now monitoring more than 200 individuals who may have had contact with the traveller, WVLA-TV of Baton Rouge. The individuals being observed are spread across 27 states and several foreign countries, the report said. They range from associates of the patient to fellow passengers on flights.

None of the people being tracked is considered at high risk and none have been found to have Monkeypox, the report said. Before landing in Dallas on July 9, where the patient was later hospitalized, the traveller made a stop in Atlanta. The disease is caused by a virus that is related to smallpox, the only human virus to have been eradicated. causes less severe illness than smallpox but is still dangerous.

According to the CDC, there are no safe treatments available for Monkeypox.WVLA reported that the symptoms of the illness include fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion, or a skin rash that develops days after a fever.Monkeypox was first detected in humans in Africa in 1970. The last case was detected in the U.S. in 2003 when 47 cases were found. The CDC officials said that the illness can be fatal in 1% to 10% of cases, with those having already weak immune systems at the highest risk.

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