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Atlas V Rocket Launch Delayed to Tuesday Due to Triggered Pressure.

United Launch Alliance scrubbed the launch of an Atlas V Rocket today due to the Triggered pressure concerning an issue with the liquid oxygen system.  However, the hope is not absconded in vain as The ULA is targeting its planned backup attempt of Tuesday afternoon with a change in liftoff time for the Atlas V Rocke.

The two-stage Rocket was scheduled to blast off from Space Launch Complex 41 here at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida at 1:42 p.m. EDT (1742 GMT), on Monday (May 17). The SBIRS Geo-5 is the first mission to be launched by ULA in 2021. The company was forced to move the launch 24 hours further, and it gets escalated due to a system collapse that derailed the Atlas V Rocke.

The official scrub came after the launch officials move the collision-avoidance maneuver landing to yet another delay of seven minutes. It is often contemplated that the companies face difficulty in the final stage of the launch as it identifies the system failure. An anomaly got convoluted as the upper liquid oxygen’s complication chill down its operates which was almost ready for imminent launch.

Engineers after refurbishing it went straightaway to the launch pad but the new series of events made it impossible for the spacecraft to go ahead as scheduled and that’s why it got the clearance for the following day. The SBIRS Geo-5 satellite, which is immaculately emphatic in past missions was built by Lockheed Martin for $1 billion.According to the military officials, the satellite could overcome the plague and track plumes emanating from the missile launches around the world with the assistance of infrared sensors.

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