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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Under Heavy Scrutiny by the Court; Here’s How:

The prolonged war of words and adroitness proved costly for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Weeks of loggerheads between and Epic Games seems to have finally resumed in the court battle room. During the slashing arguments, executives have defended the policies that regulated the working of apps on the billion active iPhones across the world.

Epic Games sued Apple’s in August claiming that its behavior refrains competition within generation. On Friday,CEO Tim Cook was pinpointed to several questions from the person leading the case’s charge, US District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rodgers.Over the 14 minutes brief at the apex from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook four-hour-long testifying at the court, the Federal judge accused Apple’s of the same level of manipulation and monopoly scaling competition that Epic has been pleading for months.

“You would agree with the basic proposition that competition is good?” she asked the chief. Cook responded firmly to defend his stance,” We have been in the market for years and hold the norms of welcoming a fierce competition.”Rogers claimed that Epic’s criticism was an indication of Apple’s monopolistic policy deluding the interests of millions of app developers. The policy compelled them to utilize its payment processing service on the App store adding to the burden of paying 30% commission to the tech giant.

Such in-app purchases are protected and licensed only by, and that’s why it is relieved from the competition. The statement was acceded to by the federal judge, and he also complied with the following precarious situation. The bewildering grilling in Silicon Valley was unexpected by some, but a round of interviews furnished more details on the probe. However, Tim Cook quick-wittedly denied all requests of revealing previously unknown details about the company and insights on its working. It seems to have backfired.

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