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Apple Adds New Search Method on the App Store

In the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Apple has introduced a new App Store search recommendations feature that could make it easier to locate games. After you type in a search term, the App Store will try to guess what you’re searching for and recommend terms that, when clicked, will narrow your search results even further and speed up your search for unique types of apps.

According to MacRumors, search suggestions first appeared on some iPhones in April as part of a pilot, but the feature should now be available to all iPhones in the supported regions. It’s easy to use search recommendations. Let’s pretend we’re looking for an app to assist us in making homemade pizza: When you search for “pizza” in the App Store, you’ll see terms like “creator,” “playing,” “call,” “calculator,” and “order” appear.

Selecting one of those options narrows the results even more; for example, selecting calculator would bring up apps for measuring the proper ratio of ingredients for pizza dough. Not all searches currently allow you to pick several suggestions. I was able to improve Apple example of “food” by adding “delivery” and “Indian,” but each of my other sample searches only had one filter.

A suggested filter does not appear for every quest, either. Apple has been contacted for comment on when suggestions appear. Ads, which Apple first introduced to App Store search in 2016, are the only thing that regularly appears in search. It’s easy to see how a large Uber Eats or Papa John’s ad above my helpful dough calculator app could derail my attempt to make pizza from scratch.

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