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Another Enigma for Johnson & Johnson, CDC Claims reports of Rare Blood Clot.

Federal health officials from the CDC and Prevention have now retrieved 28 cases of a rare blood clotting disorder, mostly found in adults. Why is the batter gaining some much virulence across the state is because the involvement of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is yet another enigma of side effects.

Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, the deputy director of the immunization safety office at the CDC and Prevention, presented the new cases to officials in an inter panel netting to discuss the progress of Covid-19 cases and vaccination programs.

The criterion of suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was on the basis of emerging reports of blood clots in 15 women last month. The company’s executives then reported that they are trying to resolve the issue, but it has deteriorated their position in the pharmaceutical markets over time. Dr. Shimabukuro further said that the cases are placed at an elevated risk and the patients are being precariously cautioned to keep following the advice and treatment of the doctors for combating these cases to erupt further.

According to a study conducted by the CDC and Prevention, the trend of the reporting rates is mostly found in females as compared to males in all age categories. Patients with these types of serious yet rare disorders fabricate two types of Blood Clots in most cases.

It not only creates a unique blood clot within our system but could potentially be a life-threatening condition that will withstand every infection and could create problems for people in the future. Last month, when reports of six women emerged across the state it sent shockwaves to the health departments, and they imminently issued an order pausing the vaccine while the investigation went on.

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