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Android 12 Preview: Glimpses of First-Ever Widgets in Assistant’s Design

Google is announcing the latest beta version for Android 12 and it’s worth watching. It was evinced to indulge in building a new design on the system called Material You. The vigorous design featured ballooning and bubbly buttons, cosmic animals, and vibrant colors.Sameer Samat, VP of product management, Android, and Google Play suggested that such unique features will surface the biggest transitional change in Android’s history. The statement might be hyperbolic as you might be considering how many design iterations Android has worked on over the past decade.

However, Android 12 has circumvented the design compliance, and now exudes confidence to grow even higher in such structural changes. It is also claimed that remodeling of the design can be polarizing, and it can be off-putting for Android users.The feeling around the consumer base is that they are already ready to experience the enticing experience, subject to the launch of Android 12 in Google Assistant. There are a few quirky facts that are being tossed up beyond the developed beta updates, but the new radical design is what matters.

We have been demoing all the new features of the Android 12, and here’s where you can have an insight on expectations from the launch later this year. Android 12 brings a new generational change as Google has instilled Material You. It is in no way identical to the first material design, and that makes the wait worth a while. The new design is to have hearsay of principles for creating interfaces- one that goes beyond the refrainment of original paper metaphor.

The feature that Google will be crowing the most is that when you sought to change the wallpaper, you’ll have the flexibility to change the system colors momentarily. The jinx will involve both cinematic and complementary colors from your automatically and apply those colors on the system apps and other software applications.

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