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Amazon Illegally Fired Two Employees Who Pushed for Labor Action

Two Employees working in Amazon allegedly criticized the company a year ago. The employees enforced legal action, as they publicly called on the company to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. A petition was circulated among Amazon employees underpinning better compensation and support for warehouse workers. The shockwaves of the revolt were sent to the board of directors of the company. It has been found that Amazon illegally reiterated and fired two of its employees.

Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa were both designers at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, and their conflict of interest with the management commenced in 2018. The employees handed in their cooperation in the shareholders’ petition urging the company to do more to combating climate dynamism. A little over a year later after the pandemic, both the employees got concerned about the condition in Amazon’s warehouses.

The National Labor Relations Board recently told Amazon that if it did not settle the accusations of Cunningham and Costa, the agency would formidably accuse the company of unfair labor practices. The NLRB judgment comes when Amazon is bootlegging heavy scrutiny from the public about its treatment of its employees.

The counterfeiting of the employees was just a mere example out of thousands of people who have been facing the same problem for over a decade. Amazon has been called on multiple times for alleged cases of discrimination, racism, low pay, and so on.  Amazon has been aggressively defending its actions in the boardroom. Amazon’s Twitter handle was filled with a multitude of tweets that were confrontational, and as the exponential number raised a security officer filed a support ticket thinking that the account had been hacked.

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