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AirPods Max Wouldn’t Integrate Lossless; Tends to Focus on Lightning.

Tech blockbuster launch of the year AirPods Max will not integrate Apple Music lossless audio wired or wireless connections. While moving a step forward, the company’s HomePod and HomeMini speakers wouldn’t support the new audio format at all. The announcement around AirPods Max came as a shocking revelation and created a slew of arguments erupting on the matter.

The Cupertino tech giant announced on Monday to amplify the audio experience by launching immersive sounds. The race to glorifying Apple Music kickstarted including Spatial Audio powered by Dolby Atmos and higher-resolution lossless audio streaming. However, a sudden change in AirPods Maxs audio format has turned the tide comprehensively.

While both the products will be able to capitalize on the Spatial Audio, they can’t work efficiently well enough with lossless streaming under crucial settings. For example, the company has deluded its priorities, which got addressed in a statement. Apple said that AirPods Max won’t support lossless streaming qualities over a Lightning cable.

The bandwidth limitation has compelled many tech giants to part ways with some of its intricate streaming services. Although the main commodities are leaving the battle of lossless streaming, Apple Music’s lossless streaming option can still be documented in two tiers.

The normal lossless can expand its zenith of providing the audio to 48 kHz, while the Hi-Ress Lossless format will be reckoning a major higher range as compared to the previous one as it can stretch up to 192 kHz. Might be wondering that why such a paradigm shift to eliminate its prosperous streaming option. The reason for that showcases the evolving trends, and the company has decided that it has to immersively revolve the world of audio transitions by the end of 2024.

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