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A strong Coffee Helps to Lose Fat

A new study has found that intake of strong Coffee 30 minutes before a workout can improve the rate of fat your body burns as you exercise. The researchers at the University of Granada in Spain have found that 3mg/kg of caffeine – roughly the equivalent of an eyeball-shaking espresso – increases the oxidation or ‘burning’ of fat during exercise.

Researchers conducted a small study using 15 men and found the effect of coffee was stronger in the afternoon than in the morning.  Francisco José Amaro-Gahete, lead author of the study said that the main reason people are advised to perform the exercise on an empty stomach is to increase fat oxidation. This recommendation may be lacking scientific reason. Researchers are unaware whether the oxidation is due to the workout performed on an empty stomach or due to going without food for a long time.

The small group of men whose mean age was 32. participants completed an exercise test once a week for four weeks. After standardizing other factors like time elapsed since their last meal or physical exercise, they ingested 3 mg/kg of caffeine or a placebo at 8 am and 5 pm before starting the. Later fat oxidation was measured.

After the test, the researchers have found that acute caffeine ingestion 30 minutes before performing an aerobic exercise test increased maximum fat oxidation during exercise regardless of the time of day. The effect was stronger in the afternoon than in the morning. The caffeine content in the strong coffee raises the core body temperature and which in turn increases the number of calories you burn.

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