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New Jersey Records 1,258 Confirmed Covid 19 Cases

New Jersey Health Authorities on Sunday reported another 1,258 confirmed COVID-19 cases and five more confirmed deaths, as the rate of positive new tests continued to drop and hospitalizations level off. The Garden State’s seven-day average for newly confirmed positive tests is 1,796, which is down 5% from a week ago and up 2.8% from this time last month.

According to the Department of Health dashboard, the state has seen 27,328 total deaths from the virus in more than 17 months, nearly 24,555 confirmed and 2,773 considered probable. The probable deaths, which are revised weekly, increased earlier in the week by seven fatalities.

New Jersey Health Authorities statewide rate of transmission was 1.03 on Sunday, down from 1.04 on Saturday, and 1.05 on the previous two days. Any rate of transmission number over 1 indicates that each new case is leading to more than one additional case and shows the state’s outbreak is expanding.

There were 1,037 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 or suspected cases across New Jersey 71 hospitals Saturday night, nearly 34 fewer than Friday night. The number was levelled out over the past month with only increases and decreases. New Jersey Health Authorities said that there were 156 patients discharged from hospitals Saturday. Out of the patients hospitalized nealry 231 were in intensive care, with 133 on ventilators. The delta variant continues to dominate cases in New Jersey, with nearly all of the sampled cases in the four weeks ending Sept. 4. For the last week of that span, 100% of the tests sampled showed the delta variant.

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