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New Mexico Health Authorities Detect Death Caused by Ivermectin Poisoning

New Mexico Health Authorities have found death due to poisoning.  Ivermectin is not a proven medicine for covid 19.  Health Secretary Dr David Scrase on Wednesday reported the death along with the covid 19 case briefing.

The health secretary of New Mexico also added that this is a serious issue and researchers must have a look at it. The confirmation comes weeks after the state suspected one person was fatally poisoned by Ivermectin.The antiparasitic drug has not been approved for the treatment of viral illness such as COVID-19 but has attracted popular advocacy, particularly among skeptics of the approved vaccines, treatments and public health measures such as masking in public, including popular podcaster Joe Rogan. The Food and Drug Administration warned people against taking the medicine.

Scrase has previously expressed concern about pseudoscientific messaging about the drug, which is approved for human and veterinary use against unrelated conditions. The poison control center in the state reported Ivermectin had tripled compared to calls in 2020, with a jump in frequency over the past month.

The Indian Council of Medical Research and the Covid-19 National Task Force have dropped the usage of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine drugs from their revised clinical guidelines for the management of adult Covid-19 patients. All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a study and said the antiparasitic medicine Ivermectin did not reduce the viral load or duration of symptoms in patients with Covid-19 even at higher doses.  This was found in a randomised controlled trial on 157 patients admitted with mild to moderate disease at the premier hospital during the first surge of infections between July and September last year.

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