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Clark County Health Authorities 24 Deaths from Covid 19

Clark County Health Authorities notice the rise in coronavirus cases. Health officials have reported 24 new virus-related deaths in the past week. This is the highest number of deaths in seven days since the pandemicbegan.

Clark County Health Authorities are warning that younger people are getting sicker, infected with the Delta variant, and are packing hospitals. The recent death of a patient in their 20s was the first fatality in that age range that the county has seen in the pandemic.

Dr Alan Melnick, who serves as Public Health Director and Clark County Health Authorities said that they added another 24 deaths in the last week and one of those deaths is in a 20-something-year-old. It comes as hospital admissions rise by 31% over last week’s levels.There are 70 COVID-19 patients in the hospital right now. Of those patients, 82% are not fully vaccinated. And 23 of those patients are in the intensive care unit. Only one patient in the ICU has been vaccinated. Clark County Health Authorities say all but one is on a ventilator.

Melnick says increases in case numbers from July to August also show the stark difference between how the pandemic is affecting the fully vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.The Covid 19 cases rate among the fully vaccinated was 125 per 100,000 people in July. That jumped to 412 per 100,000 in August. The increase among the unvaccinated was staggering. In July, the rate stood at 462 per 100,000. It exploded to 1,843 per 100,000 in August.

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