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The Incidences of Accidental Poisoning in Kids on the Rise

Amidst the rising tension surfacing from the COVID-19, an added concern is the rising incidences of kids victimized by accidental Poisoning. Parents these days are addressing a cohort of challenges, commented Helen Arbogast, who oversees that Injury Prevention Program at the facility of Children’s Hospital in LA. She said that as parents struggle with working and managing homes, they are bound to leave around a few things here and there. While that seems a common occurrence across households, places with young children are facing adversities.

The hospital facility that is used to addressing one or two cases of Poisoning a week witnessed a massive surge during the second half of 2020. Some of the most common substances that cause Poisoning in kids are edible marijuana or a different class of prescription medications.

In order to ensure the safety of kids, Arbogast proposes a few methods for parents and caregivers. She suggests that the caregivers must start by ensuring adult medication or all medications, for that matter, are locked away from their kid’s reach.

Childproofing can play an essential role in reducing the probable risk of accidental Poisoning. Routine inventory to discard expired medications is also necessary.The United States Food and Drug Administration has set a standardized primer on how to get rid of expired products safely. The agency suggests that the best way to discard is to take the expired drugs to a pharmacy or designated facility to avoid any risks.

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