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Medicare for All policy under Casualty

As per the trusted sources of information, across several cities around the country, the demonstrators marched through the advocate for the health insurance policy run by the government under the “Medicare for all” plan, on the weekend. However, the march did not turn out to be a success according to the individuals carrying out the march.

The marches even though not large, consisted of around dozens to hundreds of the participants. While they got all the attention from the social media, they did not receive any type of media coverage for the march. The rallies did not get any support from the biggest of champions of the Medicare for all leaders.

Even the D-N.Y., Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who had planned this in the year 2015, and had put an effective fighter to this policy did not support the march recently.The march carried out on Saturday was majorly to get hold of the public’s attention regarding the policy for Medicare for All.

However, the march was an ultimate reveal of the fact about how much the policy has fallen from the national prominence after the election has taken place. Even if the Medicare for all policy has been generally polled great in the recent years and gained huge popularity during the early times of the pandemic, the momentum of the policy has drastically gone down in the current state. As per the trusted sources of information, a lot of it is due to the hard realities of the senate.

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