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Argentina Lake Turns Bright Pink amidst Rising Pollution

The lagoon in Argentina southern Patagonia has changed to bright Pink color. However, the frightful phenomenon experts and activists blame pollution caused by a chemical used to preserve prawns that has to be exported.

The change in the color is due to the chemical named sodium sulfite, which is an anti-bacterial product used in fish factories. The waste generated from the fisheries can be blamed for contaminating the Chubut River. The river feeds the Corgo lagoon and several other sources of water that are present in the region, as stated by the activists.

The residents in the region have been complaining about the foul smells and several other environmental issues across the river and the lagoon. Pablo Lada, the environmental activist, states that the people who are in control of the region are the ones who are poisoning the people, along with blaming the government for the mess.

The lagoon, which has turned to Pink color in the previous week, has remained that way on Sunday, she added who lives in the city which is not very far from the lagoon, at a place which is around 870 miles to the south of Buenos Aires. Further, the environmental engineer and virologist Federico Restrepo added that the color change was due to the chemical sodium sulfite, which is found in the fish waste, which by the law has to be treated before it is being released.

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