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How Sustainable is Carbon Leveling?

Some companies have started to answer the questions such as how much Carbon dioxide went into making shampoos, snacks, and even toothpaste. During this past year, many products mentioned above have been discarded owing to the strict norms on zero-Carbon emission products. Additionally, many consumers are also conscious of clean label products usage.

The number mentioned on the label signified the Carbon released during the entire lifecycle of that product, including the emissions of Carbon when it was being produced, manufactured, and distributed.One company, specifically a skincare brand called Cocokind, has unified the Carbon emissions on their product labels as a part of their marketing as a sustainably-minded company.

Priscilla Tsai, the founder of the company, said that they were calling themselves to be ‘clean’ and ‘sustainable, and those things are valid, but what they mean by saying so is not regulated as the products get thrown around more and more in the industry.

They realized that they cannot just use these words anymore and that they needed to figure out how to measure this aspect internally? And how do they communicate that out to people and make sure that the burden of correct information is on the brand and not the consumer?The whole point of these Carbon labels is that consumers can have an easier time choosing their everyday products on the basis of greenhouse gas emissions. However, some marketing experts are still unsure that this is the most effective method to change consumer behavior in the long run.

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